Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Beginning

Hello. I've decided to start a blog while I am an au pair over in Deutschland for a year so i thought i'd set it up now since I leave June 30th! How exciting!

I'm sure I'll have loads to babble about while there and of course many, many photos! I welcome any and all comments. :)

So I'm going to this little town called Dierdorf, Germany. the population is just about 6,000. haha pretty small I know. My sister, Nicole, she is going to be living in an even smaller town called Rheinzabern and its population is something like 5,000. We're only about 2 hours away from each other. She has a blog on this here site too.
I'll tell ya a bit about my family....
There is the mom, Anne, the dad, Matthias, and a little boy named Max! Max is 4 years old right now. They also have a dog and cat.

I guess it rains in Germany year round so that's going to be fun. I'll be lugging an umbrella everywhere I guess. haha.

My sister and I are flying into Berlin first and exploring that wonderful city for about 4 days and then we're flying to Frankfurt where our families will pick us up! :) Packing is going to be difficult.. :/ haha

Well I'm going to stop babbling now for your sake.

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