Friday, May 16, 2008


This is Max! He is playing with a slimy toad! Isn't he so cute??

There is so much to do before I leave but I am so so excited! I found out I can watch my dvds on the computer auf Deutschland! So now which few should I take?

I need to get my address book updated so I can send ya'll some postkarten! :) I also need to sell my car. I will miss her. :( If any of you are interested, let me know.

I'm beginning to pack for the move back to Sandy for a month, super exciting, yes. My sister and I will be sharing my old room. Eek. haha I'm sure it won't be too bad but we've never really shared a room before. We like our space.

My sister has an awesome post about styrofoam. We've been angry about the usage of styrofoam at many restaurants. Why are we using styrofoam when it just goes into the landfill and we KNOW that's what it does?? It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. There is a machine that is able to melt the styrofoam down and we're able to reuse it but we don't have this named machine here in the U.S. of A. They have it in other countries, that's why there is the recycle label on your styrofoam but its not recyclable here. Strange world..

There are many things I'm passionate about in this world..
Recycling, Humanitarian Aid, Genocide, Education, Healthcare, Discrimination & Prejudice, I could go on and on about these topics.

Did you hear the amazing news about San Francisco!? Here is the link:

I personally don't practice that but I support them, they should have the same rights every other person does in this country.

OH! And of course I have to celebrate Obama's most recent endorser, Senator John Edwards!!! YAY!!!!! :)

"It is the enemy who can truly teach us to practice the virtues of compassion and tolerance." -Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama

Friday, May 2, 2008


So.. I've been asking some people what they wouldn't be able to live without for a year. .. I'm trying to figure out what to pack and how much of everything blah blah blah. Its quite hard! It wouldn't be so hard if we weren't going to Berlin before Frankfurt. They have luggage restrictions when you are flying within Germany, so we're one luggage bag less now. :(
I know we can buy stuff there too.. Any suggestions on some must haves?? I already have a bed, a desk, a computer, a tv, vcr/dvd, um.. radio.. They provide all that for me so that's great! :) Oh and a dresser/closet.
Its hard to choose what movies and music I'll bring.. I'll definitely be taking my camera! and some photos, clothes, shoes, etc. And books? How can I decide on books?? ugh.

I'm really excited to leave! It seems like its taking forever to get here though! a little less than 2 months away.. I'm going to miss my family and friends, but I'm so so excited to leave! My host family is going on vacation right when I arrive, so I get to go with them! We are going to be camping on a beach! In BORDEAUX! How fun is that?! Matthias still has to get work off but Anne thinks we're still going. Bordeaux Bridge^

If anyone wants any souvenirs or something that you have to get in Germany to get, let me know! I'll help you out, or at least try. :) you can send/give me money and I'll send/bring it back for ya!

Well.. I get to dye my hair tonight so its all one color yet again. mmhmm.

A quote to end with:
"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today." -James Dean

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