Thursday, July 31, 2008

X Games 2008

So, I just watched some of the x games and saw this amazing guy, Kyle Loza. He won MTX Best Trick of 2008, its called "Electric Doom" Here is the amazing video:

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Berlin Journal Entry

Dienstag, 2 Juli 2008

"Antonio und der Boss"

Our first REAL day in Berlin.

Nikki and I ate an interesting breakfast at the hotel. It consisted of bread, donuts, and apple juice. It was pretty good. We rode the trains ("S" bahn and the "U" bahn, the "S" bahn is much faster!" to what is called "Museum Island" but its NOT a real island. It is on land, no water surrounding it. We walked around, saw a bench and sat down, and people-watched and bike-watched while we waited for the museums to open. We went to the Pergamon Museum and saw the amazing Ishtar Gate and it is HUGE! You couldn't take any pictures though-a sign said "keine Fotos" :( We also saw the Hammurabi Stele (which isn't normally in Berlin, so we were lucky!) We saw a lot of cool art there including my favorite man - Augustus Caesar along with Marcus Aurelius.
We began to walk to the Altes (Old) and Ägyptisches (Egyptian) Museum when an Italian man hollered, "Señora!" as he handed us a little menu of an Italian ristorante called, "Restaurant San Marino's." We decided to eat there after being completely ignored by the cafe at the Egyptian Museum. We
sat down and a nice Italian man took our order. We had Margherita Pizza that was not pre-sliced so we had to cut it with a butter knife. We also ordered cola that were only 0,2 l (0.2 liters=TINY!), which we came to realize was the standard at restaurants. Tiny drinks, no refills, no water on the table either. We didn't know then, if we got refills but we didn't, until later...
We were eating our pizza when the bartender (who looked like Antonio Banderas) asked, "Alles gute?" which means, all is g
ood? We proceeded to reply with a "Ja, ist gut." He answered with "Gut, like you." It was funny. We finished eating and we drank all of our little tiny drinks and waited for our check that didn't come until much later also. The bartender came over and asked if we wanted coffee or cappuccino (which is also a standard in Germany, they always drink coffee or tea after meals) and we said, "no." Nikki asked, "Do you have water?" He said, "No" while smiling, we were confused. He said, "water is water, with gas?" We were confused ever more! Nikki thought he said glass, so she asked, "in a glass?" He said, "no, gas?" We caught on that he meant carbonation. So we said no, but when he came back with water for us, it was definitely carbonated. He asked us where we were from and we told him, "the U.S." and he smiled and said, "Oh, I like the U.S. of A., the cigarettes." He went back to bartending and later he walked past to the door outside and said, "smoke" and started smoking. Awhile later, our original waiter walked by and winked, the bartender called him "der Boss."
We finished our water, still waiting for the check. The waiter walked by again, Nik
ki attempted to tell him we were finished sot hen gave us our check (the water was free! yay!) So we paid and the bartender gave us free fanta from the "Boss" (who reminded us of Tony Soprano) He kept talking to us and said something like, "How we make fun tonight?" So we laughed and he said, "I no be here at 7." Nikki acted really confused and said, "what?" to buy us time. He kept asking and Nikki lied and said, "We have to meet our friends," and pointed to me. He said, "You leave friends, come with me." Nikki responded, "I don't think so." The bartender replied, "You think about it." We chugged our fanta and left. It was hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing. We called these German Italian men, "GerTalians." We went to the Egyptian Museum, and saw amazing art! And the main reason one goes to the Egyptian Museum, especially my sister and I, is to see... NEFERTITI!!!!!!! She was awesome! The employees there seem a bit paranoid though. They are incredibly strict about how you hold your purse. It cannot be on your shoulder, must be in your hand at your side. As we were leaving the museum, we had to use the bathroom. We asked an employee where the "toilette" was and went inside. After, Nikki tried to open the door and it seemed LOCKED! So we freaked out and panicked for a moment, both glancing at the window. She tried again, it was open and we were free!
We were walking down the stairs there to leave, and Nikki almost fell! I grabbed her arm with my surprising reflexes and she was grateful. (We were so exhausted I was surprised my reflexes were so sharp.) We laughed some more. We got back on the train and headed towards our hotel.

"Art washes away from the soul, the dirt of everyday life." -Pablo Picasso

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince trailer just came out!!! I'm so excited! Only 114 days left until the movie premieres! I want to read the book again before it comes out but the trailer looks so good! Yay! Happy watching!

"Did you know, sir, then?"-Harry

"Did I know that I just met the most dangerous, dark wizard of all time? No." -Dumbledore

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back to the States

So I am back in the U.S. of A. I am glad to be back with my family, I missed them knowing I wouldn't see them for 365 days, especially my little brother. I had a lot of fun while we were there, besides the day I was panicking that my sister was in trouble. Her family was nuts. My family was really nice, I liked them a lot.
My sister and I had tons of fun in Berlin! We had really interesting experiences with restaurants. I will have to write about the "Antonio und der Boss" story soon. It was the funniest day. We saw a lot of history and art. Just to name a few: the Berlin Wall, Museums---Nefertiti, Ishtar Gate, and the Hammurabi Stele; Berliner Dom, Potsdam Palaces, Charlottenberg Palace, TV tower, etc. It was so much fun!
My family was nice. They gave me gifts and I felt safe, unlike my sister. They spoke English to me, I played with Max, I felt welcomed. When we arrived at the Frankfurt airport to meet our separate families.. Mine were there waiting for me, they had a cute little sign that said "Welcome Ashley" and little Max handed me 3 yellow roses that smelled great! He was shy at first. Anne (the mom) hugged me and Matthias (the dad) put mine and my sister's luggage on one of those luggage carts and we waited for my sister's host family mom to arrive. She was late. So we looked around some more and waited... Susi (Nikki's host family mom) arrived and was in a rush to leave. So my sister and I hugged and said our goodbyes. We lived about 2-3 hours away from each other which seemed like continents. Both our families had barbecues that night, separately. There was different food from here, we tried to eat Italian and American food in Berlin.
My family had a dog Iggy (you say it Idge-ee) that was really loud but very loving. We became pals. Their dog sneaks off sometimes and ends up at neighbor's barbecues for a few hours and eventually comes back. Very funny dog. They also had a cat, Oskar, that slept in its favorite chair in my room one day for about 5 hours or more. Crazy cat.
Max was very cute. He loves soccer and we played one day on their tramp just kicking the ball back and forth. Then he thought of an idea.. He began to throw the ball over the netting of the tramp and kept wanting me to go get it. I kept saying "Nein!" jokingly, he was a lot of fun. I also read him a bedtime story, helped him get ready for bed out of the bath, watched one of his favorite shows before he goes to bed. He also had this loud remote control "Polizei" (police) car he would play with outside my bedroom door. He also likes to tell "knock-knock" jokes and play "BOO!"
When I arrived at their house, they had a present for me on by nightstand wrapped. Max gave it to me so I opened it and it was a cute mug from the Netherlands where they had just taken a vacation to the week before. When I got in my room there was also a package of Ferrero chocolates lying on my bed. They were really nice.. I spent my birthday there also, my sister was at my house by then, which is another story.. They led me into the kitchen while singing "Happy Birthday" (in English), on the table there was a plate with strawberry marshmallows, there's a picture in the slideshow of it. The top marshmallow had sparklers lit going off and the other marshmallows had candles that I blew out. They gave me birthday presents which were a bag of German Chocolate Candy that is yummy! and Charlie Wilson's war in German.
My family was nice enough to pick my sister up from the train station a half hour away that she rode from her town so we could get on the train to Frankfurt Airport together and so she could escape her crazy family. My family also took us to the train station to get on the train to Frankfurt Airport to go home.
One day, my sister and I took a walk in my small town called Dierdorf. Its a pretty place, Germany is very beautiful. Its so green. We took a stroll down to the city center and saw a church and another cool building and decided to eat some ice cream at this Eiscafe, it was yummy. One day it rained off and on for a long time. The clouds would move so fast. I really liked my room, especially my windows. They were huge. And the electronic blinds outside the house that would go down at the push of a button and it would be so dark. The toilets were cool too, the Berlin one was cooler. It had a flusher button on the wall that was wider than a book that you just pressed.
I had a lot of fun while I was in Germany, minus the part of worrying about my sister's safety.
Enjoy the photos. :) There is one video also, below.


"A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it." -George A. Moore
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