Tuesday, June 29, 2010

i love you grandma jeaner

So I went on hiatus again.. Not really on purpose..

My Grandma had a big scare two Saturdays ago.. Her nursing home gave her the wrong pills. They gave her 250 mg of extended release morphine tablets - that's a HUGE dose and she's not even taking those. They also gave her two different kinds of anti seizure drugs and she doesn't have seizures. These pills were supposed to go to another lady with the same name. My Grandma was wondering where her pills were because the nursing home hadn't given them to her yet so she went and asked. Then, the stupid nurse gave her the wrong pills. So frustrating!

She was on an antinarc drip and on oxygen for a few days. She was really out of it. Now, she's doing so much better. She was released and now she's rehabilitating at this other care center that seems really great. Its super clean and she has her own room. Hopefully after she's all better and back to herself, she can come home and live with us (my family) or assisted living. She's not bad enough to be in a nursing home right now. She has Parkinson's but she's doing really great. I love that lady so much.

My Grandma at The Old Spaghetti Factory for her birthday 2010

Here are a few more blogs about her.. One and Two and Three and Four and here are some from my sister's blog.

I have a few blogs set up for this week. But I think my blogging will be less than it was before. Just because its not as fun as it was before. Peace.

"Grandma serves kisses, counsel and cookies daily." - Author Unknown

Monday, June 14, 2010

music, futbol, work, car, fast cars, spider bites, lakers, and cats

I have been M.I.A. the past week. My apologies. I've been bored with blogging and really just didn't want to do it. Last Wednesday, me, Nic, and Tim (my sister and brother) went to the Real Salt Lake (soccer/futbol) game. After, David Cook performed. I love that man. I saw him about 7 months ago in Idaho in a little high school auditorium and loved it. He is amazing. It was a lot of fun. I'll post pictures soon, hopefully.

I love my job. I really do. When there's work of course, mostly.. I love the people there. It sucks that I'll probably never see most of those people again after August. I love doing the quality work, its so much better than being on the phones talking to the irate customers. My boss is pretty awesome too. Oh, the census is still hiring by the way. If anyone is interested. I love the downtime though too.. when there's work - it goes by a lot faster. But when there's not, we have a great time bullshitting. I love it. I'm beginning to look for another job though since this is over in a few months. I think I'll apply at Overstock.com because they are hiring for Quality Assurance people... but Convergys, I hear, will be having two projects in August... so who knows. I would just rather not go back to Macy's.. I'm sick of retail. But I'll go back if I have to..

Two Fridays ago, my car started acting up really bad. The clutch was going out. On Monday, I was taking it to the shop to get it looked at. My car decided it was only going to go less than 5 mph. So with only 2.4 miles left to go, it had to be towed. A few days later, a new clutch was put in. Now she drives amazing. Just like new... almost. Only $840 later.. haha. I'm just so thankful that I have this job with the census where I'm getting paid really well that I actually had the money to fix my car. Cos, I freakin' need my vehicle.

I have some new favorites now.. My favorite car used to be a Ferrari 360 Modena.. Now its a Ferrari F430 Black Miracle.. Its beautiful. I'm also quite fond of the new Dodge Challenger RT - I customized one online and it ended up being $37,500.. not bad.. hahaha. Right.

Ferrari 360 Modena

Dodge Challenger RT

Dodge Challenger RT

Ferrari F430 Black Miracle

Ferrari F430 Black Miracle

I woke up today with two spider bites on my back.. Gross! I've never had a spider bite ever before. They itch. I do not enjoy it.

One of my cats, Simba, was beginning to show cold symptoms a few weeks ago so we took her to the vet. She had to get a shot. :( And she's been having to take medicine until it is gone, and she doesn't like it one bit. She growled a few times. haha. But she's getting better so I'm really glad! :)

OH. And I'm incredibly upset Boston won tonight and they are up by one.. UGH! Come on Lakers!!!!!

I think that's enough updating and babble right now. I'll try to blog more. I am just really tired of it. Its getting sort of monotonous and I'm not sure I really want to do favorite movie mondays or wondrous art wednesdays anymore. Let me know your opinion. If anyone really reads this anymore.

“The truth is you don't know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed.” - Eminem

Friday, June 4, 2010

dandelion fluff

The Dandelion.. It is french "dent de lion" and it means "lion's tooth". There are so many different names for it in different languages and they all mean different things. Its pretty cool.. The other day I was outside jumping on the trampoline. I got off and decided I wanted to go back in time to my childhood when I saw a dandelion fluff.. Who hasn't picked one of these and blown the seeds all over to make a wish? If you're one of those few who haven't, I insist you do! You are missing out. Or at least kick it to spread the seeds and make a wish like most boys do.

There's even a facebook group for it --
Making a Wish on a Dandelion Seed.

Or you can buy a t-shirt with that design on it here. How cool is that? There are also magnets.

So make a wish! :)

Will to Live

I think of all things that show a zest
For life, the dandelion beats the rest.
The little winged seeds from its white fluff ball
Settle and grow with no urging at all.
Settle in most unlikely places
And soon there's a crop of dandelion faces.

They are man's worst pest, but a child's playthings.
Sometimes I wish I had light down wings
Like a dandelion seed, and could settle at will
On a velvety lawn or a sun-spread hill,
And live with the eagerness and zest
Of the wanton little dandelion pest.



I picked a dandelion clock
And I held it near my nose
I blew the pretty fluff away
And counted up my blows

"It's one o'clock, it's two o'clock
I gave a great big puff -
"It's three o'clock, it's four o'clock"
Away went all the fluff

My dandelion clock was right
For mother called to me
"Come in and wash your grubby hands
It's nearly time for tea"

- Ivy Russell

Thursday, June 3, 2010

discussion of dem religion

Yeah.. no art on wednesday.. My apologies.. I just get so bored with doing the same thing and blogging in itself. I'm not even sure if many people read this. I feel like a lot of people don't.. Just some family members and a few friends. (Oh.. Lakers gonna WIN tonight!!!!)

I'm loving my new job with the Census as a Service Quality Assurance Monitor. I don't necessarily love the job itself - but when there is work, it goes by super fast. But I love the people I work with. We have so much fun. Too bad its only a temporary job until the middle of August and I'll probably never see those people again.

Some of my new friends and I were in a deep discussion about all things religion.. Mostly the LDS - Mormon religion which I am a part of.. sort of. If you can call it that. The thing is, I was baptized in the church so I am technically a member. I'm not active, meaning I don't ever go to church hardly ever. Maybe once in a blue moon and most likely because my brother will be talking in church. Or something. I'm not active because of many reasons..

I thought maybe if anyone does read this.. I could get some of your views on it. LDS members and non-members. I welcome all opinions. I was never hugely active in the church.. I guess I was the most active when I was in Young Women's when I was a teenager.. mostly because my friends were. I hardly ever went to actual class on Sundays, but I did go to the activities during the week. And I went to camp. It was fun. It really was. There was a point where I believed in all of it. I believed in it without even delving into the scriptures as much as I should have. I just believed it I think because I was a part of it and wanted to be included. If that makes sense..

SO. First discussion.. who knows if there will be any more after this..

But what is everyone's view on drinking (alcohol, coffee, and tea), drugs, tattoos, and sex before marriage? Are people going to Hell for it? What's your view?

"Religion? This is not religion, this is life." - Bob Marley

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

happy birthday norma jeane!

For those of you who don't know who Norma Jeane is.. well shame on you! haha. She's better known as Marilyn Monroe. Her given name was Norma Jeane Mortenson and then it was changed to Norma Jeane Baker (after her mother's last name). She had a crazy life. I love her biography -- its called My Story by Marilyn Monroe. It takes excerpts from her actual journal. Its really cool. Today, is her birthday. She would be 84 years old! You can learn more about her from her website.

I've done a few posts that include something about Marilyn Monroe, here they are if you'd like to read them.

To a reporter: "Please don't make me a joke." - Marilyn Monroe

--One of my favorite quotes and its really just heart breaking that she has to plead for that.

"There was my name up in lights. I said, 'God, somebody's made a mistake.' But there it was, in lights. And I sat there and said, 'Remember, you're not a star.' Yet there it was up in lights." - Marilyn Monroe

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