Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I guess my new thing is babbling.

I started the new job today.. It was interesting and boring at the same time. Typical first day. :)

I made some delicious spaghetti and garlic bread.. I must say I love cooking lately. I need to do it more. I loved doing it while I was living out of my parents house.. I've made some good breakfast food as of late. I used to be really bad at breakfast food.. but I'm going pro. Ha. I'd like to take some cooking classes. There's a lot of recipes I want to try to make.. Now to the grocery store..

I had a fun night tonight with my mom. We went shopping to buy Rihanna's new album and bought some other stuff of course.. I'm really enjoying her new music. I also got Nelly's new album. Its great too because I didn't have to pay anything since I had a Target gift card. :) My mom bought some other stuff, mostly for Thanksgiving. I can't believe its going to be here already next week! Its crazy how fast time goes during the Holidays. We also went to Harmon's and the deli dude.. He started talking and I was not expecting that English accent to come outta his mouth. lol.

Lakers won. Again. That makes them 9-2. This makes me happy.

I sketched last night.. Well.. More like colored my sketchbook with abstract pastels. I forgot how relaxing it is for me to just lose my mind in the movement of my hands. Even if the end result isn't amazing, it does its job.

My Dad's second cousin died yesterday of a heart attack. She was younger than my Dad.. This scares me. And now I'm going to be depressing and say it feels like death season correlates with the Holiday season. :( RIP Stephanie.

I want to thank Lindsay and Sarah for responding to my religious post and for Lindsay's message on Facebook that had even more information in it.

OH, and I bought my Linkin Park tickets yesterday.. PreSale! I'm so excited.. February 25th. I haven't seen them in six long years because I missed them in '08. So I'm ecstatic about it.

I also saw these Bob Marley glasses at Target that I want...

I'll leave you with some Rihanna Complicated lyrics off her new Loud album..

Why is everything, with you so complicated?
Why do you make it hard to love you-
Why I hate it?
Cause if you really wanna be alone, I
Would throw my hands up cause baby I tried
But everything with you is so complicated,
Oh, why (Oh why)?

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